Chelsea Lecompte



Hi I’m Chelsea Lecompte, I grew up in a small town in Ontario where the population there is about 6,000 people. 

Growing up in such a small town made me attentive to people and the stories they have to tell. From listening to others talk about their thoughts and experiences, I’ve learned that every project has its own narrative, as well as people with voices who go along with it. It’s made me appreciate history and where things have come from, and so I immerse myself in research order to create authentic experiences in my designs. I’ve gained a sense of empathetic understanding from being involved in the aspects of community which I try to bring forth when thinking about who I’m designing for.

By implementing the small town ideals I was raised with into my work, I believe that design can be used as a powerful tool to help visualize and communicate stories that evoke powerful emotional connections.

-Movies and TV (I'm a media junkie and I love behinds the scenes stuff)
-Thrift Shopping
-Playing indie board games
-Listening to podcasts