Chelsea Lecompte

Cochlea Ear Care Kit



Cochlea ear care kit is a medical set intended for children who suffer from chronic ear infections. The kit is designed in order to educate both children and parents about ear infections while also providing relief and care for the infection. Children are the largest contractors of ear infections their narrow eustachian tubes within the ear, and there is very little that can be done to provide relief for the discomfort that comes with them. If infections are left untreated it can lead to serious hearing loss and overall damage to the inner workings of the ear.

Ear infections are painful because of inflammation and buildup of fluids in the middle ear. If left untreated infections can lead to diminished hearing and speech delays if the problem becomes serious or chronic. Even a one-off infection or a mild infection can result in permanent hearing loss if left untreated.






The package’s name is derived from snail shaped part of the inner ear that’s responsible for hearing, which is called the cochlea. The clean, round shape of the container allows for the product to come off as friendly, but still medical and professional looking







Inside the kit, there are easy access drawers that people can pull out when laying on their side. People with ear infections are often laying on their side for two reasons. They are either lying on the opposite side of the infected ear to administer drops that need time to drip and enter the ear canal, or because they are lying on the side with the infected ear to provide relief and drainage. 


On the back of the kit, there is a slotted opening where a tray piece can be inserted and used a entertainment stand for items such as phones or books.

This relates back to having to lay on one’s side so often, as people can often get bored or lose track of time. By having a way to hold up a device, you can keep track of the time to see how long you need to lay on your side for, as well as keep yourself entertained while you wait for the drops to enter the ear canal.


Cochlea ear care kit aims to help heal and provide relief for ear infections in children, and educate the parent and child as it does so.