Chelsea Lecompte

Goodlife Fitness Rebrand

The Mark


The main objective of this redesign for GoodLife Fitness was to create a brand identity that reflects the expansion goals and the energetic and health conscientious attitude that the company holds as their highest values.


Re-branding Objectives:

1. Create a unified consistency across all aspects of the brand, as currently there is a disconnect between GoodLife Fitness’s logos, social media and interior branding.

2. Develop a
 approachable brand identity that reflects the diversity and range of visitors that attend their facilities.

3. Ensure that GoodLife Fitness’s
advocacy for maintaining a healthy lifestyle is accurately represented within their branding system.


The Logo

The new logo represents our visitors going through their individual journey into a healthy lifestyle with the help of GoodLife Fitness.

The top portion of the G represents the visitors starting into their workout, the cut in the G is the pause taken before they push forward.It is their moment to regain their strength before they carry on.

The arrow pointing upwards into the bright red of the circle symbolizes them continuing forward with their healthy lifestyle with the help of GoodLife Fitness.


Logo Variations

•    The primary logo will be used most often across all branding for GoodLife Fitness, including exteriors, signage and packaging. 

•    The full logo with a tag-line can be used in more formal applications, such as on a business card or a letterhead.


•    The secondary logo must only be used in situations where the primary logo cannot be used.

•    The symbol can be used in place of the primary GoodLife Fitness logo only if the primary logo has already been displayed, or if “GoodLife Fitness” appears in plain text. 

Animated Logo

Animated Logo

The animated logo can be used where motion graphics are appropriate, such as at the end of commercials or video advertisements. 


Brand Applications

Some examples of the brand in use are as shown below, for a more in-depth look at all of the brand applications, please see the full brand standards manual at the bottom of the page.


Brand Standards Document

This brand standards document was created to ensure the consistency of GoodLife Fitness' re-branding across all forms of brand communication, thus allowing for the brand to be instantly recognizable.