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OMENS is a paranormal appreciation print and digital magazine with a focus on on legitimizing and curating paranormal content in order to make it more reader friendly and visually engaging fans of all things supernatural. The magazine aims to bring a more chilling mood to paranormal content while still being informative. It features content such as ghost stories, theories and investigative tactics. Omens ultimately wants to create a community for those who enjoy all things paranormal and be able to bring all different aspects of the paranormal all into one place.







This article details the main mistakes that the writer believes that ghost hunters are making within the paranormal investigative industry. The writer speaks in very scientific and condescending tone, and the article was approached as if the writer was marking up a paper with all of the things that irked him the most about his cohorts in the industry. 







This article outlines what it's like to use mediums while ghost hunting. Everyone has their own approaches on ghost hunting and there is no “right” approach. Therefore the magazine explores alternate avenues which people may be interested in while engaging in the paranormal..





This article focuses on the repercussions of what it is like for someone who has lived in what they believe to be a haunted home. Through this  spread, I really wanted to capture the mood of the house as well as the mood of the person living there. I wanted to create a sense of a foreboding space within the spread to put the reader into the head space of the  person who is living in the haunted house.

The article talks about how different people react to living in a haunted house and the wide range of emotions that it can evoke, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia or nightmares.



A epub version of the magazine was created in order to make the magazine accessible in case if the reader was subscribed to a digital subscription service, or if they wanted a more portable version of the magazine .

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