Chelsea Lecompte

Woke News Network

Woke News Network is a conceptual news app geared towards millennials. Woke aims to bring in the younger generation back to a individual news source instead of finding the news scattered across the internet by making the news clear, relatable and engaging.

Millennials usually read their news from various social media sources, however those sources may not be entirely accurate or credible. They care about the big issues, but feel as if many of the current news sources are not as catered to them as they would like it to be. Millennials are also a very on-the-go generation, and having an easily accessible app would be more convenient to them and entice them to read news stories more often.



Woke News Network would cover a wide variety of news stories, including stories from the Toronto area as well as other hot topics such as politics, environmental, health, entertainment and social.



To the left is an example of how the landing page looks while scrolling.



Articles featured in the news app would vary from long editorial pieces to shorter news snippets.  The colours are bright and neon to catch the reader's attention, but also to colour code the news topics from section to section.  In the example to the right, purple is the Health section's main colour.



To the right is a sample of what article pages would look like while scrolling in the news app.